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Jackson Lake Houses
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Interested in buying or selling a home on Jackson Lake? You need a lake expert. Someone who knows the Tussahaw and the Alcovy from the Yellow and South Rivers. Someone who knows the pros and cons of a Georgia Power lease, a private lease and a deeded lake lot. Someone who knows the ins and outs of dock licensing and permitting. Contact us and we'll put you in touch with a Jackson Lake Expert real estate agent!

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    Jackson Lake, GA - This is why you need a lake house; keep your boat at your dock! 😁

    Salt Devils

    1 week ago

    Jackson Lake, GA - Lake season is starting. Please take a few minutes to read this article. It could save a life!

    3 weeks ago

    Jackson Lake, GA - A litter trap like this will go a long way in helping keep Jackson Lake clean and free of trash and debris. A $75k grant from the Georgia EPD will help make this a reality, but it's still short of the $324k cost. The Jackson Lake Association is teaming up with the South River Watershed Alliance to g ...Read More

    3 months ago
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